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After a rather marvellous weekend at NHS Hackday Cardiff 2015, I'm knackered. But, equally excited with the potential that emerged in just few hours by interacting some carbon with some silicon. Lindsey (coding witchcraft), Warren (sexy engineering), Michael (social inspiration), Jas (clinical rudder), Gareth (sense checking) and me (noisily interfering) worked on different bits of bringing a... Continue Reading →


Innovation, shiny toasters and the pedlars of bull!

I'm fed up of all the bull being peddled about innovation. There's a particular type of proselytism that has emerged from the open collared, soft shoed, jacket juxtaposing, ikea-esque, media trained, expensive lack of haircut, i-everything, shiny-grinned consultancy brigade. These Innovatists pepperpot their well coiffured zoomy presentation thingy, with phrases like "socio-technical" and "prefix-leadership" and an... Continue Reading →

Justified Belief on hypothetical reasoning and failures of disjunctive inference

What a marvellous blog (long and luxurious) of which this is a perfect example. The answer, by the way is to recognise 'contrivance'. The question is logical, designed to get you reasoning, but it is abstracted from lived experience. In other words, they are setting you up to think "front brain" rationally for a... Continue Reading →

A Project for the Cardiff NHS HackDay 24/25 January – Finding, storing and reporting local Health Data

Cardiff Community Informatics Network

Members of the Cardiff Community Informatics Network (CCIN) are hoping to attract “geeks who love the NHS”  to help with a  project  as part of the NHS Hackday being run in Cardiff at the end of January.

An NHS Hackday is a two day event over a weekend that brings together healthcare and technology professionals and other data enthusiasts to help improve NHS IT.

CCIN is an online community.  Its aim is to contribute to activities that improve the wellbeing of the people of Cardiff and its visitors.  This is mainly done by getting hold of raw data about how well public services are doing and helping to turn that into useful descriptions and visualisations that can guide people towards making them better.

At the moment, the primary online resources are a Facebook group of like-minded individuals, who have been sharing ideas online since April 2011, a Twitter account and…

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