Good Practice Case Studies, You’re Doing It Wrong

Okey dokey, I’m assuming the mention is a taunt? Well first of all, I can’t believe you’ve resisted the temptation to use a @snowded juxta-lexicography-posing favourite, namely ‘retrosepctive coherence’.

My bit comes after the lovely blog from @whatsthepont

What's the PONT

IMG_4391Good practice case studies are like Hollywood movie trailers…… they only show you the best bits of what happened (with some exceptions).

Sorry if that’s upset anyone, I am trying to be helpful.

There is a great deal that can be learnt from the things that ‘didn’t quite go to plan’ (failure in many cases). However, in most examples you don’t generally get to find out about these golden nuggets of learning.

That’s a Bleak View of the World.  Well, I do go to a lot of conferences and seminars, where I listen to lots of people presenting their good practice case studies. I also read lots of case studies on a variety of topics (for good reasons, it’s not an obsession or anything).

The one thing that strikes me about ‘Good Practice Case Study Land’ is that,……Nothing Every Goes Wrong!

OK, I’m exaggerating a bit, but things…

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A Project for the Cardiff NHS HackDay 24/25 January – Finding, storing and reporting local Health Data

Cardiff Community Informatics Network

Members of the Cardiff Community Informatics Network (CCIN) are hoping to attract “geeks who love the NHS”  to help with a  project  as part of the NHS Hackday being run in Cardiff at the end of January.

An NHS Hackday is a two day event over a weekend that brings together healthcare and technology professionals and other data enthusiasts to help improve NHS IT.

CCIN is an online community.  Its aim is to contribute to activities that improve the wellbeing of the people of Cardiff and its visitors.  This is mainly done by getting hold of raw data about how well public services are doing and helping to turn that into useful descriptions and visualisations that can guide people towards making them better.

At the moment, the primary online resources are a Facebook group of like-minded individuals, who have been sharing ideas online since April 2011, a Twitter account and…

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